Walmart x BrainStation 4D Hackathon 

Imagination brought to life.

Walmart is an omnichannel retailer that provides convenience for the price sensitive customer. Walmart represents one-stop shopping for everyday products at the lowest possible price as a result of its operational excellence, inventory management and logistic infrastructure.


To bring awareness to the new AR “Try On” feature on the existing Walmart App.

This Goal will provide a solution to the Challenge Statement that is “To deliver a data-driven digital experience to help customers save money and live better.” It will also provide a solution to the Key Insight that Product Returns should be addressed proactively with visual e-commerce.

Key Insights

Good Decisions & Avoiding Returns

41% of online shoppers buy variations of a product with the intent of returning.

Walmart’s data shows that 0.5% of items viewed result in a purchase.

Returns are inconvenient for the customer especially in a pandemic; Returns hurt profit margins for the business;

$370 M

Total Unconverted Sales opportunities.
Lost opportunity from items viewed and not purchased.

Why AR?

Augmented Reality Transforms how we shop. By 2022 over 120,000 stores will be using Augmented Reality technologies, offering a much richer buying experience. Offering the customer the opportunity to virtually Try On apparel prior to purchasing, ensures customer satisfaction and significantly reduces costly product returns and negative customer experience. The customer will also spend more time on the app, sharing User Generate images which will further promote the Walmart Brand. Imagination brought to life, allows the customer to Imagine visually and then making it a reality.

Primary Persona

Research findings led me to create Rebecca, our primary persona. Rebecca gave me a better understanding of my target market and provided direction for making future design decisions.

Rebecca prides herself on her organizational skills. She is budget conscious as she has to prioritize purchases for her family of 5. Between her full-time job as an occupational therapist, and her busy evening schedule that she splits with her husband, Rebecca has to manage her time wisely.

Rebecca Kathlien

Occupational Therapist

Calgary, AB

Rebecca is aware...
● The Pandemic has made Rebecca hesitant to try things on in a store
● Time constraints add to her frustrations towards shopping
● She grows tired of online and in person returns
● Her cart shopping cart is always full, but rarely commits to a purchase



Rebecca would like to optimize her time and manage it wisely so she can spend more time taking care of herself and have quality time with her family.

Strongly dislikes having to return merchandise especially during the pandemic. Visiting a store twice with a limited return policy is not ideal.

Search for a solution

Rebecca knows she can find answers with a simple search... she starts with:
Trying on clothes during COVID Which leads her to…
Virtual Shopping Virtual Fitting Room AR Try ON

What is a virtual shopping experience?

What is virtual shopping? In the simplest terms, virtual shopping bridges the gap between online and in-store, bringing human connection to ecommerce experiences. The result is a true omnichannel experience that seamlessly merges online and brick-and-mortar.

While on Snapchat, she stumbles upon an ad from Walmart that demonstrates a new AR feature called Try On! She uses a the filter and send an image to her friend thinking “This is fun!”

Rebecca does some more research as she hesitates from adding taking photos and allowing a third party access, uninformed. She discovers that this feature is secure and can make life better and make shopping easier. She discovers real life application to Augmented Reality!

Using her smartphone, Rebecca uses the “Try On” Feature for the first time! She loves it! She is all of a sudden IMAGINING the different ways this will bring her purchases TO LIFE!

● Try on clothing in the comfort of your home
● Create profiles of people you often shop for
● Switch profiles with just a tap
● Easy-to-use Augmented Reality camera

AR Try on Features


Final Prototype