A heuristic analysis of

Swoop Airlines

How it started.

My team was tasked to do a heuristic evaluation of an existing mobile application. We aimed to find an established company with a below average review score for their application on the app store.

About Swoop

Swoop (WO) is an ultra-low-cost Canadian air carrier. It was launched in June 2018 and is a subsidiary of WestJet. Swoop hasa strong demand, used by frequent flyers and customers who like to travel on a budget.

We decided on Swoop Airlines due to its poor app store rating, relative size of the company and it’s clear heuristic violations on our first look.

The Plan

● To evaluate the usability of
    swoop’s mobile app (iOS & Android) and
● Improvise the user experience, through
   finding design opportunity

Observing Nielsen Norman Group usability heuristics, we narrowed our focus on the following based on a preliminary overview of the app.

  • Visibility of system status

  • Recognition rather than recall

  • Aesthetic and minimal design

  • User control and freedom

  • Consistency and standards

  • Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

The app was given a severity rating from 0-4 for each heuristic with 4 being a usability catastrophe.


 Evaluation & Redesign

One screen at a time.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3


Screen 4


Screen 5


Screen 6


Screen 7


A proposal

As this heuristic evaluation has been made as a proposal, this is where it stands as of now. With the potential approval from Swoop, we would continue to evaluate all task flows within the application to consider any other usability improvements. For now, this will be a freebie!